Time In Our Life Is A Precious Thing

The Commodity Of Time Slips Away So Easily

For years it has been said by many how great it would be to have a money tree.  A much more valuable plant than that would be a "Time Tree."

Time you can always trade for money, but money will not buy time.

Just think of what you could do  stashing away time.  Finally, a 48 hour day to get all that extra stuff done.  Time to spend with your friends.  More important, time to replenish all the wasted time in our lives.  How many times have you heard someone say "If they just had more time."
Yep, a Time Tree is what I want.

A Time Tree would seem to be the answer.  Although, the nurseries I have come upon have been out of stock on that variety.  After some thought, I began to realize that here in the garden of life we all have a "Time Tree."  It is our responsibility to nurture and care for our plant.  We can carefully harvest our time or we can foolishly let our crop wither and disappear.  When we let our time crumble and fall through our fingers we must remember that "Lost Time" is never found again.  "Our Tree" is alive for one season only, "The Season of Our Life."  We are given the opportunity to enjoy a bountiful harvest and make a wonderful life for ourselves.

Each Dawn Is A New Beginning

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift from God,
That's why it's called the "Present."

When we take what we have
and make good use of it
to create something special
which brings us the feeling
of personal accomplishment,
then we have found success.

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